Saturday 22 July 2017 | 1 : 39AM Damascus Timming
Syrian regime bombard Damascus neighborhoods after the Heavy losses
Syrian regime bombard Damascus neighborhoods after the Heavy losses
Monday 20 March 2017

Damascus (Qasioun) – The Syrian regime warplanes carried out airstrikes on early Sunday dozens of airstrikes over Damascus neighborhoods and the eastern cities of Ghouta area.


Qasioun correspondent reported that at least 15 airstrikes were carried over Erbin city and caused colossal and wide destruction in the residential neighborhoods and civilians’ properties, the warplanes also bombarded Jobar neighborhood in Damascus with more than 11 airstrikes, no casualties reported till now.


Moreover, the Syrian regime forces bombarded Qaboon, Tashrin and Jobar neighborhoods with heavy artillery.


Noteworthy that Syrian regime warplanes escalated its military operations as a result for the Syrian opposition advancement in strategic areas and Abasyeen garages in the Syrian capital city of Damascus, leading to kill and injure at least 30 soldiers in addition to detaining more than 50 others, according to sources from the Syrian opposition forces.


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