Monday 27 March 2017 | 6 : 47AM Damascus Timming
ISIS Attacks Deir Ezzor Neighborhoods
ISIS Attacks Deir Ezzor Neighborhoods
Monday 20 March 2017

Deir Ezzor (Qasioun) – The Islamic state ISIS militant group carried out a wide offensive over the Syrian regime and their backing up militias’ positions in Huwaiqa and Rashdya neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city eastern Syria, where violent clashes broke out between both sides, during an ISIS attempt to seize military positions in the city.


Local sources reported that Syrian regime warplanes carried out airstrikes over “Tharde mount, Maqaber (Cemeteries) area, Junaid brigade, Omal and Huwaiqa neighborhoods and Naher street”, leading to injure several civilians slightly, no casualties reported.


Moreover, Syrian regime forces bombard Bughailia village and Huwaiqa neighborhood with heavy artillery.


Noteworthy that ISIS carried out a wide offensive, recently, over Huwaiqa and Rashdya neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city, but the Syrian regime forces foiled it after violent battles.


  • 12:40 Syrian opposition destroy a BMP vehicle followed to the Syrian regime forces around Kawkab village northern Hama
  • 12:05 BREAKING: Syrian opposition forces seize over Ghooz and Abu Al-Zandin villages western Bab city in Aleppo countryside
  • 12:16 BREAKING: Syrian regime seize Toman and Arran villages near Bab city in Aleppo countryside
  • 11:47 BREAKING: Syrian regime forces seize over Qasmya town in Marj area, Rif Dimashq province
  • 11:53 BREAKING: Russian warplanes carry out airstrikes over Mo Hassan city eastern Deir Ezzor, Casualties and injuries reported
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